Thursday, March 3, 2011

School Style//march 3, 2011

 (Catherine- Michael Kors jacket, Nordstrom shirt, Hot Topic jeans, Guess shoes)
I know that Catherine was super excited to wear this jacket, and I must say, it's pretty fresh. It's an olive colored bomber jacket. She's pretty brave to have opted for this color when she could have chosen a classic black.
(Gabe- Nike outfit [with the exception of the jeans])
Hey Gabe! Where'd you get your jacket?
Gabe: Nike
Your shirt?
Gabe: Nike
And of course your shoes too. :)

 (Gabe- Nike Shoes) I wish I could pull off Nike kicks, like these!
(Alicia- H&M jacket, American Eagle skinny jeans, Mom's shoes, Roxy backpack)
I love Alicia's chunky scarf! I always mean to ask her where its from, but I forget!
*EDIT: Alicia's awesome scarf is from H&M
 (Shae- Zara sweater, Steve Madden shoes)
Shae is one of the absolute sweetest people on campus and she's always sporting a delectably cute outfit. 
^^ as you can see above. :)
(Nordstrom jacket, Old Navy semi high-waisted jeans, Steve Madden oxfords, headband from a boutique in Seoul)
(Mickey- Land's End jacket, Free World jeans, Vans shoes)
It's hard to see in the photo, but Mickey's hair was amazing today! (Mickey, what ever you did today, keep doing it. ;)
- Keep Calm and Style On. <3

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