Friday, March 4, 2011

School Style//march 4, 2011

 (Marja- Forever 21 necklace, AE shirt and leggings, shoes bought online)
 (Summer- Forever 21 shirt, Swap Meet shoes)
I keep hearing about the Rose Bowl and Orange County swap meet! Ah! I need to go to one of them!
 (Kyle- Utility Jacket, school baseball team shirt, Utility jeans, Adidas shoes)
 (Stephanie *on the left*- Hollister jacket, Hollister belt, Vans shoes)
(Erika *on the right*-Abercrombie jacket, Pacsun shirt, Juicy Couture shoes)
 (Justin- Vans sweater, Nike shoes)
Me: Can I take a picture of your outfit?
J: Yeah. *POSE!*
 (Kyle- Burberry shirt, Prada shoes)

 (Kane- Converse shoes)
I adore Kane's monochrome outfits! He usually has a Mario Kart character backpack that matches his attire.

 (Connie- Forever 21 outfit, Little Tokyo shoes)
 (Michelle- Outfit from China, Shoes from Germany)
(Yiwei- H&M shoes)
(Ivie- Forever 21 shirt, Champion shorts, Asics shoes)
And I thought it was impossible to look good in work out gear.

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